Do you have friends or family who ask you about the Ageless Wisdom, Esoteric Philosophy, the Rays, etc. Who ask you who are: Helena Blavatsky, Helena Roerich, Alice A. Bailey, and, more currently, Benjamin Crème. Who ask "what you believe?" Who ask "what are you reading all of the time?"

Why not offer them a one or two-day workshop? (The one day workshop will focus on the rays. A two-day workshop can include astrology.)

Enclosed you will find the following in either letter or A4 format:

  1. Read Me First - how to get ready for the workshop
  2. Workshop contents - a list of what's included in the package and where to use each of the contents
  3. Facilitator Outline - a complete time-schedule for the facilitator
  4. Group Outline - a complete time-schedule for the group - optionally given out
  5. Workshop Manual - two of four manuals - depending on whether you choose the letter or A4 size - the full page manuals are 31 pages - the half page manuals (requiring you to either print on a double-sided printer or odd/even pages) are 22 pages - it's suggested that if you do the half page manuals you use a Saddle Stapler for the centerline binding. [Another option is to have an office supply store do the printing, folding, and staping. In the USA checking Staples the cost would be less then $3.40 for one.]
  6. 14 additional handouts
  7. 7 overheads - one for each ray

The above materials will allow even those who have not given a workshop in the past the encouragement to do so.

We ask that if you translate the material to another language for your own workshop that you provide a copy of your translation to this website so that others may use it. (We will help with the typesetting of the manual if you wish.)

Additionally we ask that if you use the material you provide us feedback so that we can improve the experience for others.


     "To teach is to learn twice."
       - Joseph Joubert (French Essayist and moralist, 1754-1824)

To download the files in ZIP format click:

PIP II / Spectrum Profiler Workshop - letter - 9 Meg.

PIP II / Spectrum Profiler Workshop - A4 - 8.7 Meg.