We would like to thank

Fred Van Ackeren - Braille

Lone Ørbech-Grønlund - Danish

Bianca Kicken - Dutch

François Boulanger - French

Sven Meseck - German

Vasilis Haramaras - Greek

Andy Thiel - Hungarian

Many Italians - Italian

Tania Belfort - Portuguese

Laura Ghiurca - Romanian

Regina Belkin and Michael Poklonsky - Russian

Elena Dramchini - Slovak

Natasa Sicherl and Luka Kovač - Slovenian

Luis Alejandro Hernández Ríos - Spanish

Ann Petersson and Winni Lehmbeck - Swedish

for their work on translating the PIPIIonline.com website.

It should be noted that all of the translations have been on a volunteer basis and all of the mistakes have been done by the programmers. It has been a blessing to work with each and every one of them.