Self Search is a program for enhancing self-knowledge. It is a character assessment tool with metaphysical implications, i.e. based on transpersonal psychology. It presents you with 83 multiple-choice questions about your interests and outlook on life and how you respond in various circumstances. It analyzes and synthesizes your answers to determine to what degree you express each of seven types—these are the seven psychological types (rays) as developed in various books on the subject, most notably the writings of Alice A. Bailey.

The program gives a graphic representation of your types—a bar graph showing the relative strength of each of the seven in your character expression. In addition, it gives about four pages of detailed character description together with suggestions for inner growth and self-improvement. Self Search attempts to assess your ray energies in a general sense and does not attempt to assess subrays or which rays might be expressing on different levels of the mind, emotions, or spiritual nature. It simply tries to assess the seven rays in terms of which are the most and least active in your nature and the reading it gives takes into account the blending or how your ray combinations reinforce and modify each other. Self Search is an adaptation of an aspect of the Ageless Wisdom based on an eclectic blend of sources, of which the primary one is Alice A. Bailey.

Self Search and the Seven Rays

The seven character types, or psychological-spiritual types, recognized by Self Search are called “rays.” The subject is broad and multidimensional, but in practical terms the word “ray” is synonymous with type. The names of the seven types or rays are: Will, Love, Intelligence, Harmony, Intellect, Idealism, and Order.

Each ray or type corresponds to, among other things, a pattern of personal characteristics and spiritual potentials. The psychology incorporated into Self Search is relatively esoteric, that is, it is based on the conception of the individual as both a personality and soul.

The seven ray types are a way of defining an individual’s personality and spiritual note, these being treated as an evolving and ultimately integrated whole. Everyone expresses all rays or qualities in various degrees. Self Search is a tool for gaining a measure of understanding of how these energies operate in the individual. It also offers suggestions on how to enhance the ray qualities, to express more fully the best potentials.

The seven types, in their many combinations, correlate to all aspects of life. To name a few: choice of profession, thinking style, philosophy, values, and way of communicating.

At a deeper level, the seven types are seen as qualities of soul expression and relate to the individual’s life-purpose and destiny. The fundamental questions addressed by Self Search are: What is the type of the personality? What is the type of the soul? How are these two related? Self search is a spiritual-psychological assessment created to help bring an individual closer to these answers.