descriptions introduction

The following page contains a menu of descriptions offered for your review. The descriptions provide an overview and some insights into various ray blends. The seven possible prominent rays are given in bold and underneath each of these are six possible secondary rays that you can review. So, for instance, if you were interested in knowing about the blend of a prominent fourth ray with a secondary third ray, then you would go down the list of the seven rays—shown in bold—until you found Ray Four. Then, under that Ray 4 type you would look for Ray three and click that. This will display the text that is generated when an individual has the Ray 4/3 blend, although lacking the depth of an individual Self Search.

These descriptions give an overview of various ray blends. When you take the Self Search, the program will try to determine which blend of rays are most active in your life and provide more specific indicators of how these interact with other rays that may be prominent or relatively lacking in your character.

After you take Self Search, you can use this page to understand how different blends of the seven rays might express themselves. For those who like more detail and overview, this page provides you with a reference. These are the "readings" from which Self Search selects when you answer the questions, however Self Search also provides additional refinements to these based on several ray interactions and not just the two most prominent ones. This page thus provides some context for interpreting the particular ray blend that is applicable in your case. Or perhaps even as a way of getting an inkling ahout the rays of those around you.