next steps

The next steps are creating the Seven Rays Research Institute so part of the funds—provided we obtain enough—could be used to create it. The SRRI will have two main functions:

  1. to review the PIP every two years and make minor changes, e.g., PIP III.1, PIP III.2. Then every 10 years do a major upgrade to the PIP, e.g., PIP IV, PIP V, PIP VI.
  2. to provide a methodology for research. I envision a small committee—perhaps only 3—which will meet every 3 to 6 months and review/approve research applications. The applications would consist of the individuals background in research (although I would not wish to get stuck on formal training so this would be a minor aspect of the application) and the research (including methodology) they wish to do.
  3. to seek out additional instruments that aid individuals in understanding their ray makeup. And, upon finding same, encourage the placement of thos instruments onto the PIP3 website so that they also may be part of the research.
Of course a fourth function would be to obtain the funding needed to keep it running.