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The PIP II, as you can read in our History, came about through a statistical analysis of the original PIP. One of our goals is to develop a PIP III which is even more accurate in aiding individuals to determine their more prominent rays. We now have the TARA which will help identify one's rays in their vehicles, but it's a work in progress. Both will require further research.

The PIP II was developed as an instrument for individuals, not for a group, thus the information provided on a group basis, although perhaps providing insights for future research, should not be taken as more than an indication of a direction. And, we expect, that indication may be wrong as much as right. Time will certainly tell.

Presently we do not have enough data to provide the exhaustive statistical analysis necessary to develop the PIP III. But we do have enough data to do some exploration of the database, thus we have added this menu item. If you wish to ask you own exploratory inquiries we welcome them with the following criteria:

  • All inquiries must come from users who have completed the PIPIIonline and provided an exchange of energy. The main reason for this is so that we know you are aware of what information is available and are serious about the work.
  • We reserve the right to determine which inquiries to answer from the database. Some inquiries we will find simply do not have enough data to make for good charts. Others might be either too complex or have too much information to display.
  • We do collect birth information which is used in Seven Ray Seminars and by Evaluators for astrology charts, but the actual database does not have any astrology information. Therefore we are unable to provide any group charts based on astrology. In the past we have explored a number of theories related to the relationship between the rays and astrology and found no correlation between them. Still there are theories we have not tested and, perhaps, someday we will have the resources to do so.

We will publish the charts to the inquiries in this area of the website.

If you have a inquiry for a graph you would like to see from the database please click here for the form.

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