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The PIP II (Personality Identity Profile II) is available in braille for English. The process is as follows:

  1. Braille reader contacts PIP, requests Questionaire/Answer Sheet in braille.
  2. Questionaire/Answer Sheet mailed to reader.
  3. Questionaire/Answer Sheet and Energy Exchange completed and returned to sighted volunteer. The Energy Exchange can be in monetary format - our Suggested Exchange is $50, our Minimal Exchange is $20. Or the reader can choose an Alternative Exchange. This alternative is based on your perception of a "proper exchange of energy" based on your life and your life situation—even an act of kindness can qualify. You simply provide us with a few sentences explaining what your Alternative Exchange will be.
  4. Results downloaded by volunteer and translated into braille.
  5. Braille Manual and braille Results sent to reader.

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