Dr. Michael Robbins, President, University of the Seven Rays, has written several books on esoteric philosophy. We are able to offer two of them on line. These books discuss the art and science of esoteric psychology, with special emphasis upon the meanings and psychospiritual applications of the seven ray energies that make up the human energy system.

Tapestry of the Gods is a valuable text for all who wish to use and teach esoteric psychology and the science of the seven rays in the quest for spiritual transformation. Students of Tapestry of the Gods find it both theoretically comprehensive and of great practical usefulness.

Volume 1 – The Seven Rays: An Esoteric Key to Understanding Human Nature (566 pages) examines each ray energy meticulously and analyzes its positive and negative effects on human behavior.

Each ray is then comprehensively compared with every ray and the most significant similarities and differences between them are highlighted.

The nature of the human energy system is subsequently explored with a penetrating discussion of the most important functions of each vehicle or field within the energy system.

There then follows an in-depth analysis of the characteristic dynamics of the soul, the personality, and of each of the three personality fields—mental, emotional, and physical/etheric—when influenced by one or other of the seven rays.

Volume 2 – Psychospiritual Transformation and the Seven Rays (642 pages) focuses upon the dynamics of soul/personality integration and fusion.

The 49 possible combinations of soul and personality rays are discussed in detail, as well as the formulas and techniques of soul/personality integration pertaining to each combination.

The evolutionary and transformational challenges confronting each of the 49 combinations are insightfully examined.

Volume 2 concludes on a very practical note by focusing upon the dynamics of ray analysis—first in the abstract, then as related to hypothetical individuals, and finally in relation to the proposed ray charts of extremely well known historical figures. The reader’s practical knowledge of ray assessment definitely increases through using this section of the book.

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Volume 2 – Psychospiritual Transformation and the Seven Rays

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