This Supplementary area is for items which previously were in the separate instruments. Since each of them contribute to the knowledge of the Ageless Wisdom we thought it best to have them all is one place. None of them require an account. They can be choosen from the right side menu. Here is a description of each of them.

  • The Rays - A short description of each of the Rays.

  • Next Steps - A few statements on where we are going after the PIP III.

  • Ray Tidbits - Some Key Aspects of the Psychology and Philosophy of Ray Types.

  • Frequently Asked Questions - These were originally from the PIP II area and discusses in some detail many questions people have about the rays. (This is also in Danish, Dutch, Greek, Romanian, Slovak and Swedish.)

  • Constituion of Man - In order for one to understand Man's nature and place in the universe he/she should understand the Constituion of Man. (This is also in Swedish.)

  • Explore Database - This area will allow you to explore the database from the aspect of groups. Man vs Woman. Various Ages. Which Rays are the most common - by sex, by age groups, etc.

  • Interview with James Davis - This is an interview which James Davis, author of the Self Search, had with another individual to explore various aspects of esoteric philosohy.

  • Workshop - This is all of the material an individual needs for a one or two day workshop on the Rays and Astrology. The material is introductory, but provides an excellent way to answer the question to friends, relatives, and neighbors "What is the Ageless Wisdom?". We suggest that even if you are not planning on giving a Workshop that you take a look at this material anyway as it has a lot of information that can benefit even the advanced student.

  • Books - This is where you can download "Tapestry of the Gods" - both Volume I and Volume II.

  • Links - Here are some Links you might be interested in.