The Spectrum Profiler (SpecPro) is a unique self-assessment tool which is based on the Seven Rays, part of the Ageless Wisdom, and used to help people gain insight into themselves, their purpose and life direction. It was developed by Dr. Dorothy Maver in 1986-88 as part of her doctoral thesis and is a sub-set of the original PIP. At that time it was called the SIP for Student Identity Profile. It has gone through five revisions and been taken by thousands of people throughout the world.

The Spectrum Profiler is designed for those whose background in the Ageless Wisdom would suggest they could be perplexed or puzzled by parts of the PIP II. The Spectrum Profiler could, therefore, be seen as a preliminary instrument to the PIP II.

The Workshop material given on this website, and found in the Supplementary area, was initially developed for the Spectrum Profiler. We encourage you to review it even if you are not planning on giving a Workshop as much of the information contained within can be useful in either helping you understand the Ageless Wisdom or in helpng you explain what it is to others.

Originally it was decided to keep the Spectrum Profiler separate from the PIP II, but with the inclusion of the TARA and Self Search that has changed. Now if you create an account with one that account is good for all four instruments. The main reason for this—aside from making life easier for you—is so that, in the future, we will be able to use all of the instruments for research.

To get to the Spectrum Profiler section of the PIPIIonline.com website simply click on the SpecPro menu item and you will see Spectrum Profiler at the top of the window on all of the pages. To get back to the main PIPIIonline section of the site you can click the PIPIIonline menu item. The same is true of the Self Search. The TARA will only be in the menu of those individuals who have completed the PIP II.