Spectrum Profiler vs PIP II

The advantages to the Spectrum Profiler are:

  • shorter - 70 statements - as opposed to 117 (now and formerly), plus Traits to Transform, Highest Aspirations, Misc. Statements
  • wording is easier to understand - an example:
    • Original PIP - I have no real difficulty terminating or discarding things. In fact, it often exhilarates me—especially when something old and outworn has to be eliminated so that something fresh and new can take its place.
    • Spectrum Profiler - I easily discard old or unnecessary things.
  • less demographics information required

The disadvantages to the Spectrum Profiler are:

  • unknown accuracy - no analysis has been performed to determine the validity of the SpecPro, whereas the PIP II has gone through extensive stastical analsis
  • only one chart - as opposed to many charts and tables
  • the information cannot be reviewed directly by an Evaluator and/or Facilitator. The PIPIIonline allows, with the users permission, Individual Evaluators and Seminar Facilitators to directly review their information by going into the database. The chart provided with the Spectrum Profiler can be shared with others by the user with the user printing it or taking a screen shot, but Evaluators and Facilitators do not have the same ability to look directly at a user's answers as they do with the PIPIIonline.