Many thanks to Many Italians we now have our 16th language if we count Braille. Sixteen, a major number. Magical. I took a quick glance at the numerology of the number 16 and here is what I found:

The 16 Karmic Debt - wherever it shows up on the chart - means destruction of the old and birth of the new. The 16 is about the fall of the ego, and all that it has built for itself. It is a watershed, a cleansing. All that has been constructed, and all that serves to separate the person from the source of life is destroyed. Through the 16, reunion with the great spirit is accomplished.

And that, Ladies and Gentlemen, it exactly where we are at if you look at the next announcement.


Kathy Manker, Michael Robbins and myself, Rick Good, amoung others are working diligently on the PIP III. The statistical studies are coming along. The analysis will make the PIP III more accurate and beneficial. But we are also concerned with ease of use—for the user and also the Adminstrators, Facilitors, Equaluators, Researchers—all of whom might wish to use the data. The present website was done with old technology by an old man with limited knowledge—me. If it were not that I also have a great deal of patience (sixth ray) and stubbornness (1st ray) this site could not stay up for more than a couple of weeks.

Thus at Wesak we put ont a RFP (Request For Proposals). The RFP was to create a WordPress website which many of you may know is an industrial standard. The website would be as much turn-key as possible, multi-lingual, recurrent (would work at as well on a smart phone as desktop as iPad. In other words the whole website would be modernized. Those RSP's have now come back and we are reviewing them. The RFP's came in from about $5,000 (but the developers did not seem to have the skills to complete the project) to $38,000 (much more then we think the cost should be.) The mid-range was around $15,000 and those we are looking at the closest.

I'll mentioned that as we are not able to handle all of the technical issues in-house we are asking you—the users of the present PIP II—to help with the cost. You may do that in several ways.

  1. If you have taken the PIP II in the past simply login and go to the "Energy Exchange" page. You will see "Additional" click on that, determine the amount to donate via PayPal, and do so. These donations go to the Seven Ray Institute a US Non-Profit, Tax-Exempt, Educational Institute.
  2. Go to your PayPal account and select "Send Money", in the "To" area,s type "Contact@PIPIIonline.com", determine your dollar donation and enter it, select "I'm sending money to family or friends" as you will not be receiving goods, click "Continue". You can then change the subject of "You've got money!" or add a Message. Click "Send Money" and you are done.
  3. If PayPal does not work for you then send an email to "contact@pipiionline.com" and we'll work something out.
  4. If you have not taken the PIP then please do so, made a regular energy exchange, and then look at the three options above.

If you have any suggestions please click the following:

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