PIP III Beta coming along.

We have been continuously working on the PIP III. We have spent many an hour working on the statistics to determine the very best statements for users to answer. For statistical purposes we would like to have 7 statements for each of the Rays and each of the subrays (A & B), That would be 147 statements (7 rays times 3 [ray and 2 subrays] times 7 statements). We are close to meeting that number, but have found there are still some rays or subrays we do not have enough good statements for. Therefore the PIP III beta will have 172 statements.

Release Date

We plan to release the PIP III Beta at the upcoming USR/SRI Confernece in Mesa, Arizona from April 21-26.

A Note on Donations

If you have taken the PIP II in the past (or take it now) an energy exchange is not required—although we will appreciate and encourage you to make an additional donation.

The PIP II (Personal Identity Profile II) is a unique self-assessment tool which is based on the Seven Rays, part of the Ageless Wisdom, and used to help people gain insight into themselves, their purpose and life direction. Originally developed in 1984-85 it has been taken by thousand of people throughout the world. It has helped them bring out their strengths and understand their limitations, leading to an appreciation of their own individual qualities and identity.

The PIP II is accessed through an on-line program in which you respond to a set of 117 preference-based statements and several other assessments. Some information is collected for analysis for a PIP III. The PIP II can take up to several hours to complete, although this varies with each individual. You are able to stop the program at any time and continue where you left off.

After you have completed the PIP II and an exchange of energy, you will have the option of viewing your results with several different charts and graphs. These present you with a very useful visual image of the relative strength of the Seven Rays, and the Fourteen Ray Types within your energy system.

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