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As stated above the additional 88 statements you took will aid us in the developement of the PIP III and we are working on the analysis of them as I write this. But these 88 statements were meant only for their analysis and there are no pleasnt plans to analyze them a second time, thus we see no need to continue to ask you to take them and thus have removed them. On the other hand there did seem some benefit to including the Future along with the Now and Formerly, thus we have retained that much of the PIP II.1. Due to keeping the Future we have thus decided to name this version PIP II.2.


The present website was done with old technology by an old man with limited knowledge—me. If it were not that I also have a great deal of patience (sixth ray) and stubbornness (1st ray) this site could not stay up for more than a couple of weeks.

Thus at Wesak we put ont a RFP (Request For Proposals) to create a WordPress website which many of you may know is an industrial standard. We have now hired the firm of Thought Space Designs out of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania to design the PIP III website.


We are not able to handle all of the technical issues in-house thus we are asking you—the users of the present PIP II—to help with the cost. You may do that in several ways.

  1. If you have taken the PIP II in the past simply login and go to the "Energy Exchange" page. You will see "Additional" click on that, determine the amount to donate via PayPal, and do so. These donations go to the Seven Ray Institute a US Non-Profit, Tax-Exempt, Educational Institute.
  2. Go to your PayPal account and select "Send Money", in the "To" area type "Contact@PIPIIonline.com", determine your dollar donation and enter it, select "I'm sending money to family or friends" as you will not be receiving goods, click "Continue". You can then change the subject of "You've got money!" or add a Message. Click "Send Money" and you are done.
  3. If PayPal does not work for you then send an email to "contact@pipiionline.com" and we'll work something out.
  4. If you have not taken the PIP then please do so, made a regular energy exchange, and then look at the three options above.

If you have any suggestions please click the following:

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